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About Us

UYCEP IT is an attractive Company

UYCEP IT provides high quality solutions to business and individuals who want to start a project. In addition to providing many services, UYCEP IT has the purpose of recognizing gifted children, improving themselves on IT fields and using their creativity, giving them many opportunities at an early age and presenting their creative solutions to the world.

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The Best IT Solution for Your Business

UYCEP IT has a customer-friendly process while developing and after developing the IT product.

Customer Meetings

With regular customer meetings and demos, it develops the product that the customer wants to be of the highest quality.

Latest Technologies

It develops the longest-lasting solution with the latest and powerful technologies against the rapidly developing world.

Revision Requests

It gives the right to revise after delivery and creates the product with exactly the qualities that the customer wants.

24/7 Help Support

It provides 24/7 support for all problems that may occur after delivery and intervenes immediately when necessary.